Jolie Petite Chose - "Pretty Little Thing" in French, was launched in 2009 based in Melbourne, Australia.

Since then Jolie Petite Chose has established itself as a niche label specialising in handmade, limited run, customisable nursery décor catering to an audience searching for unique designs with a premium quality finish.

Our label was launched with a range of nursery mobiles that continue to enhance the reputation we have carefully built to this day. Over the years we have expanded our range to include cushions, quilts and blankets, and selected Jolie Petite Chose items can be customised and personalised to suit a clients' theme.

We aim to make our designs an exquisite piece that adds a special touch to any nursery or child's bedroom. It's our hope that each item will be cherised by your children as a much loved keepsake to be passed down through generations.

We are very proud of our designs and feel greatly encouraged by the testimonials we have collected over the years - the feedback is very humbling.

Jolie Petite Chose has been featured in numerous publications, blogs and websites over the years and continues to generate buzz through social media channels.